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Welcome to the internet home of the Wireless Friendly Building Forum.

The performance of wireless communications within buildings is limited by highly complex interactions between several factors, some of which are only poorly understood. As the use of wireless systems increases these issues will become more and more important. The Wireless Friendly Building Forum is an interdisciplinary team that has come together to answer some fundamental questions, such as those listed below.

  • Is there an approach to building design that can be adopted to improve the performance of wireless systems within them?

  • How would a wireless friendly building benefit its owner and its occupiers?

  • What exactly does good performance look like? Are there some communications that users would like to block? How important is the ability to zone communications with physical means?

  • How many users could a given wireless communications system in a given building support?

  • Will wireless communications systems themselves evolve to solve all the current performance issues (rendering improved building design unnecessary)?



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